Dear Emmaus Friends…a letter from Nancy Rivers

Dear Emmaus Friends,

The Board met in June and unanimously voted to postpone all Walks for 2020 until Spring 2021.  While this is the second time we have faced this difficult decision this year, we are confident that our responsibility is to ensure that all members of the Golden Isles Emmaus Community are in a physically safe environment.

The recent spike during a second wave of the Covid pandemic would make it impossible for us to adhere to health and safety guidelines for our Pilgrims.  It would also present a significant burden upon the members of our Willing Servant teams.

So where do we go from here?  I believe it is safe to say that we deeply miss our time with each of you.  In an effort to find some creative ways to come together for what remains of 2020, we have decided on the following plan of action:

During September, October, and November, we will plan outdoor gatherings on a Saturday, using a tailgating format.  Each family is asked to come to an outdoor location (locations are currently being selected), park your vehicle in a designated area, and enjoy a picnic, worship music, and a Fourth Day speaker from your own chairs set up near your vehicle.  Please also remember to invite guests or Pilgrims you have sponsored, and have them park near your vehicle.  We will also be ordering prepackaged Communion juice and wafers, so that we can still share this Holy Sacrament together.

It is our hope that December will afford us the opportunity to celebrate our annual Christmas Gathering at an indoor location.

The Board will be meeting again on July 25th.  We will continue to keep you informed, as we move ahead.  More than ever, we ask you to pray for the members of our wonderful Community, as we seek wisdom and direction from The Holy Spirit.

De Colores, 

Nancy Rivers, GIWTE Board Chair 

Coastal Georgia Walk to Emmaus #69, Table of Elizabeth