Fall 2020 Walks Have Been Postponed Until SPRING 2021

The Fall  2020 Walks have been postponed until SPRING 2021 due to the coronavirus!  Stay posted for more info!  Now is a great time to talk to your friends about Emmaus and become a sponsor for the Spring 2021 walks!  Be A Friend!  Make A Friend!  Bring A Friend To Christ!  

Set Up for the SPRING Walks at Lion’s Camp TBA.

Men’s Walk #39 SPRING 2021 TBA – Phil Scott, Lay Director

Women’s Walk #40 SPRING 2021 TBA- Lori Durham, Lay Director


Send in applications to Anne Wojcik for future walks! Become a sponsor!

Please contact your Pilgrims and ask them to confirm with Anne Gardner Doughty Wojcik for the 2021 SPRING WALKS!  Also, check in with your Pilgrims from time to time to keep that relationship going!  And PRAY for your pilgrims!  If you have any questions about sponsorship, contact Jeff Dempsey!