The next two gatherings will be outside Tailgate Gatherings!  Come and join us as we connect with one another in fellowship!

Saturday, October 3rd, at Sea Gardens in Townsend, 1512 Amason Avenue, Townsend, Georgia  31331 4-6pm

Saturday, November 7th, Southeast Community Church, 790 May Creek Drive, Kingsland, Georgia  31548 4-6pm

We ask you to bring your own picnic supper, beverages, and set up your own chairs at the back of your vehicle.  We fervently ask each of you to maintain social distancing, by remaining with your own vehicle.  Of course, we do encourage you to attend the Gathering with friends and family you have regularly been in contact with, but we must ask that you send hugs and blow kisses to others from a distance.    We will also have disposable, individually wrapped Communion cups with wafers for you to use at your vehicle.  We will  have a Music Team and a Fourth Day Speaker, as well as members of the Spiritual Team.  

We would also love it if you could make a sign for your vehicle or Reunion Group.  You may just get your picture in the next month’s newsletter!   We would like to suggest that Reunion Groups gather, pray, and find a Pilgrim to sponsor for the 2021 FALL walks!  DeColores!

If you would like to offer your church to host a Gathering in the future, or would be interested in sharing a Fourth Day testimony, please contact Andy Amason at 912-270-7790 for more information regarding what is required of a host church.  If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts at Community Gatherings or Walks, please contact Jim Hitt at 912-614-4701.

Don’t forget your purple worship book, name badge, and individually wrapped desserts  to share.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!